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Caroline Oliver
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Caroline Oliver is pleased to offer the following:


Energising and educational talks of various lengths on subjects ranging from Board Leadership for Long-Term Success to Creating Your Board's Connections and Making Role Clarity Possible.

Introductory Seminars: Governing for Success

Seminars of various lengths for board and staff members on effective governance principles and their implementation for successful organizational performance.

Governance System Installation

Working with your board and senior staff to a create comprehensive, clear and concise set of values, expectations and related monitoring. Through her partnership in The Xylem Group, Caroline can offer this service to large multi-board organizations as well as individual boards.

Governance System Support

Year round support in implementing your governance system for successful performance. Embedding great governance takes time and practice and Caroline Oliver likes to be involved for at least the first year following the installation of your governance system - helping to plan your board's individual meetings, set up your annual calendar, create a programme of ownership linkage and support your monitoring and evaluation processes.

The Difference Working with Caroline Oliver Makes....

Your board:

  • operating from the power of commonly agreed values not personalities
  • pulling together to do the right job for the right people with the right purpose
  • getting clear straightforward reports against its common expectations
  • constantly developing your organization's body of corporate knowledge and wisdom

Your staff:

  • having clear leadership from the board
  • being empowered to use their skills and talents
  • knowing how to be accountable
  • knowing how to succeed